Being today the subprefect’s place of residence, the former hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem is one the oldest hospital foundings of the city. Despite its dark origins, the former hospital is textually mentionned for the first time in 1292, year during which it belonged to the Knights Templars of Robécourt. Probably rebuilt at least partly during the 16th century as show the cellars still existing in the basement of the main body of the building, it is renovated in the 18th century (maybe in 1743) at the request of Hénin Liétard’s hierarchical superior (called ‘the Commander’). The left wing and the hospital’s interior decoration probably date from this time. The hospital is sold as property of the State in 1793. After the chapel’s disappearance in 1803, the left wing is completely modified. In 1823, the department buys the buildings to set up the subprefecture there. The main body of the building went through considerable restoration work from 1859 to 1865.

Monument to discover during the local heritage days in september each year.

rue Saint Jean
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